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Our New Evening Show: "Jazz Tonight" hosted by Ray White
1:10pm, 9-30-2016

Our New Evening Show: "Jazz Tonight" hosted by Ray White

We're excited to announce acclaimed media personality Ray White is the host of our new evening program "Jazz Tonight."

"Jazz Tonight" overflows with lush, luxurious and laid-back jazz presented in-style by renowned television and radio personality Ray White. Among recording artists and listeners alike, Ray is one of the most-admired media personalities of our time. It's a privilege to welcome him to The Jazz Groove. 

A musicologist who's presented jazz, classical and rock radio programs for decades, Ray will set the mood every weeknight from 7PM to Midnight ET/PT. From time to time, he'll also showcase rare recordings, conduct interviews with jazz greats and rising stars, and host exclusive specials.

So whether you're entertaining, reading, studying or just chilling out, trying to escape the madness of this crazy election, with "Jazz Tonight," hosted by Ray White, your new evening oasis has arrived.

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